Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LRSN: "Paris of Troy"

Speaking of videos, here she is for all to see: LRSN's neo-benshi "Paris of Troy"!


chris said...

gee whiz


jumpin jupiter


double darnit

The Definitive "Fuckface" Moment;

a Contribution to Narrative Itself

Kyle Foley said...

i've been reading deer head nation off and on for the last two weeks. the poems written in the style of mars needs terrorists are of course good - they stand out from the rest, those are the best - they have their own syntax that i haven't seen in any other writer and i like it - that's what stood out in the 2005 edition of good poems which only had about ten good poems out of some 40 or 50. half way through the book however i had trouble finding anything to care about. i'm giving it a second look. poems like creating child tasks with fork or fork is never more than an extension of chopsticks i suppose i like them a little bit more than i did at first.