Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remaking It New: Contemporary Poetry and Tradition

Remaking It New: Contemporary Poetry and Tradition

Friday, April 29th
602 Hamilton Hall, Columbia University, New York

What are contemporary poetry's formal and conceptual engagements with the poetry of the past? We’ve invited four poets--Kimberly Johnson, Maureen McLane, K. Silem Mohammad, and Eleanor Johnson--each of whose work reconfigures, re-imagines, or reinvents poetic forms from periods prior to the twentieth century. They will be joined by four scholars--Jeff Dolven (Princeton), Erik Gray (Columbia), Heather Dubrow (Fordham), and Michael Matto (Adelphi)--in a day of readings, responses, and roundtable discussions.

We are planning four sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, lasting an hour and a quarter apiece. Each session will feature one poet, who will begin with a short reading, to be followed by a brief response from a scholar. The session will then finish with a roundtable discussion between the scholar and all four poets.

Organized by Michael Golston and Molly Murray


Session 1: 10:00-11:15
Maureen McLane and Erik Gray

11:15-11:30 Break

Session 2: 11:30-12:45
K. Silem Mohammad and Heather Dubrow

12:45-2:00 Lunch

Session 3:
2:00-3:15: Kimberly Johnson and Jeff Dolven

3:15-3:30 Break

Session 4 3:30-4:45
Eleanor Johnson and Michael Matto

5:00—6:00 Reception

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